Now It's My Turn...


... to go a ridiculously long time without posting anything! I am so sorry, everyone. I've just been incredibly busy lately in my preparations to move back to California (Yay!!!) and I couldn't be more excited :D
However, that means a lot of packing, a lot of saying goodbye to my Washington friends, a lot of getting my tattoos finished, and a lot of finishing the copy of Dead Space that I borrowed before I have to return it (now that last one is REALLY important).
I will try to make it up to you guys, but FYI, it will likely be a couple of weeks before I can post another strip. Paul and Zack should (hopefully) still keep up with their comics in the meantime. Maybe we'll even have a guest strip! Who knows?
Anyway, thank you all for continuing to read our silly little webcomic. You guys are awesome! ;D