Paul Wieland (Paulgasm)

Updates Mondays
Top 3: Banjo-Kazooie, Final Fantasy VII, Dark Cloud Series

I've been a gamer since as long as I can remember. Gaming in general has always been a big part of my life. One very sick evening, I had
an idea to finally start a gaming webcomic. It's always been something I've really wanted to do, but I never sat down and just started.
I talked to Sammy and Zack completely out of the blue one morning, asking if they would be co-artists for Mediocre@Best, and
they were totally on board. Making a webcomic is something Zack and I have discussed plenty of times in the past. It feels awesome to
finally actually be making it! As well as drawing the comics, I'm a musician, and an editor for our youtube channel CaptainSquidley.
My favorite console is easily the N64, and even though I've made a bunch of comics about it, I'm absolutely HORRIBLE at Call of Duty.
My biggest influences for finally making the comic, as well as my favorite webcomics are easily Fanboys, and Awkward Zombie.
Many thanks to those of you that read. I look forward to bringing you guys more comics every Monday. I hope you all enjoy!

Zackary Kirchubel (SquiffyPants)

Updates Wednesdays
Top 3: Jet Set Radio Future, Super Mario 64, Kirby Super Star

My gaming obsession began when I was just a wee lad and I played Donkey Kong Country, or at least, that's the earliest game I
can recall. Ever since I've adapted and grown to love games on all consoles and from all walks of life! ...Except RTS and RPGs,
but maybe I'm just too narrow-minded for things like a "story" or "plot". My favorite genre has always been platforming, but
I do enjoy my fair share of First-Person Shooters. I also read a good deal of Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes and such, which
probably helped spawn my attraction towards comics. Paul and I became friends when I was a bit older, and we bonded over our
fondness of video games. Fast-forward to a much later date-- far past some embarassing sprite comic shenanigans-- I was asked
to join in making a video game themed webcomic, and how could I refuse? I proposed the name Mediocre at Best, Paul threw in a
"@" for good measure, Samantha offered her artistic abilites, and the comic was born! Using our ultra super powers,
Paul, Sam, and I, have dedicated one day of the week each to fighting crime and the forces of evil.

Samantha Wieland (RagingClue)

Updates Fridays
Top 3: Mass Effect Series, Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

My first memory of gaming is from when I was about 3 years old playing the original Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on the NES. I have
loved video games ever since. I play RPGs, classics, platforms, fighting games, tower defense, and even some FPS. That could largely be
the result of growing up with four brothers. My brother, Paul, randomly asked me over the Summer if I would like to co-author for a
gaming webcomic with him and his friend, Zack. I agreed to do it and his response was, "Good! We start next week!" and here we are!
Aside from gaming, I enjoy music, movies, art, books, comics/manga, and anime. I fall into just about every nerd-category there is. I am a
total Bioware whore. Seriously, if you give me a new Bioware game, no one will see or hear from me for weeks! My video game hero is
Samus Aran because she is just pure awesomeness (our names are also similar and we share the same birth year).
I am proud to be a part of Mediocre@Best. Many thanks to our fans and readers!